Haita Land Franchise

Lands resembling Haita Land can be found on Romanian land, and not only. There are a lot of places with wild nature that stretches from the foothills of the mountains to their peaks, with breath-taking landscapes, with beauty, with well-being and with peace.

Our proposal

If Haita Land is a place that brings you peace and you'd like to take it and put it on your land, we want you to know that you can do that. Haita Land franchise can be built both in places not yet touched by man, and in places that already host your accommodation unit to which you want to give a new look.
Investing in such a franchise means:
  • a franchise fee which is established according to the location and shall be paid only once
  • a monthly revenue royalty
  • a monthly royalty allocated to the marketing plan
And the package of services may include, according to the needs:
  • A customized business plan
  • Customized budget
  • Attracting funds
  • Architectural plan
  • Interior design plan
  • Implementation of the construction
  • Access to top providers
  • Operating plan of the accommodation unit
  • Marketing plan

Contact us for more details

Send us an email at [email protected] with franchise option that you are interested in (Franchise on free land and or Existing accommodation unit). Don't forget to add your contact details.