Fairy-tale cabins in the heart of Călimani mountains.

Where the last asphalt crumbs are over, before being swallowed by Calimani reservation, you go up the lawn, you go past the last trace of human settlement and stop. Here id Haita Land. We have also settled here, we marvelled, and we couldn’t leave until being certain that we will come back. We, (architects, doctors, engineers, IT specialists, jurists, and managers) have put our heads and dreams together and that’s how Haita Land was born; at first came the Towering Porch, then the Lost Hermit at the very top and the Nesting Nest comfortably, to the valley. The architecture of the houses follows, with respect, the lines, and colours of the mountain, in a restful minimalist style. At the inside we wanted to have just: light, wood and comfort.

haita land

The story of surroundings

Dornelor County concentrates everything that is most valuable and recognized in Bukovina: memorable mountain landscapes, wildlife, true rural world, tradition, history, and last but not least, real sources of wealth – natural food, mineral water, fresh air.

This is the beginning of the story of Haita Land, but, with the time, other small houses will appear on this slope, around a community of people eager for escape into wild, to fill in a gap in the tourism in Dornelor County – exclusive locations.

haita land

Accommodation options

Informatii utile


You shall follow the paved road before entering the Calimani reservation (the exit from the village of Gura Haitii). The road is accessible with any type of car in the summer and, depending on the weather, we provide transport during the winter.


It is prepared on request from local ingredients by our beloved “housewives’ network”. It is possible to organize meals on pot/oven/grille, also on request.


Can be made by card for online booking on our website or bank transfer for phone bookings.