Haita Land is the dream of many people - architects, doctors, engineers, lawyers, software engineers and managers – brought together by the love for nature, tranquillity and beauty. We arrived in Haita Land, we were amazed, and we decided to return, with our minds put to work, to raise Pridvorul (The porch), Sihastrul (The hermit) and Cuibul (The nest).

Our proposal

The place is large and welcoming, and we want to put other people guided by the same values alongside. If you are one of them, we want you to know that you have the option for investing in Haita Land: You allocate a sum of money to the project, and you get a guaranteed annual yield.

Why should you invest in Haita Land?

The cottages taken and put together in Haita Land make up a unique project in Romania, placed in a developing area. If you want to contribute to the development of Haita Land, in addition to the financial benefits, you can enjoy:
  • the double quality of both investor and beneficiary - you automatically become part of the place and benefit from both profit and a quiet place with delightful landscapes for relaxation and disconnection;
  • administration provided by us - the entire micromanagement system is already built and implemented, and works with the help of a local team, loving nature, mountains, and the things well done;
  • the association with a project already well positioned and appreciated, with a formed clientele, which is looking forward to welcoming new guests;

How to invest in Haita Land?

Send us an email at [email protected] for setting up a starting point on our disussion.